Scroll & Zoom Canvas

on July 11th, 2011No Comments

This custom Canvas control is for displaying a large picture. You can scroll in the picture with the scrollbars, and zoom in/out with the ...
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Skin Creator 2.6

on July 10th, 2011No Comments

Version 2.6 of the Skin Creator Tool is now available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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StatusBar control for Realbasic

on July 7th, 2011No Comments

This Control displays various information you need to show to the user ...
Each section can have an icon, and ...
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Skin Resizer 2.5

on June 30th, 2011No Comments

Version 2.5 of the Skin Resizer Tool is now available.
Improving the resizing of Skins for VirtualDJ and correcting bugs is one of my priorities.

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