Fix all Playlists and VirtualFolders in three clicks!

VirtualDJ Playlist Fixer

Version 1.4

Playlist Fixer analyses the VirtualDJ Database and all playlist files. Using an advanced file recognition process, it automatically fixes the path to missing files.
You can choose to analyse the local database (in VirtualDJ Folder) or the external databases on all external hard-drives.

Open the Database

1By selecting the VirtualDJ folder, the Playlist Fixer will analyse the Database and check for all existing files.

Check Files

2The Playlist Fixer analyses all Playlists, VirtualFolders and History and displays the amount of errors found in each file.

Fix Playlists

3The Playlist Fixer will first make a backup of all files. It will then check each file name and path and automatically fix the path when it isn't correct. If it can't find any exact match, it will display a list of 5 closest matching filenames.


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