Converting to WebCustomUI

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Converting your project to WebCustomUI is now performed in a simple process.

Step 1

Make a backup of your Xojo project just in case.

Step 2

Copy-paste or Drag&Drop the WebCustomUI Folder from the WebCustomUI project into your own project.

CopyPast WebCustomUI.png

Step 3

In your project, click on the "Run" button to make sure that everything is working correctly after importing WebCustomUI.

Step 4

In the Menu click on File -> Save As... And select the ".xojo_xml_project" format.

Step 5

Web CustomUI Converter.xojo_binary_project

Open the Web CustomUI Converter project, and click the Run button.

File:WebCustomUI Converter.png

Step 6

Click the "Open Project" button and locate your freshly saved project in xojo_xml_project format.

Step 7

Your project is automatically converted and all controls "should" now use the new UI_ controls. The project is opened in Xojo after the converting all controls to their UI_ equivalent.

Final step

Set each WebPage to use the stUIBackground Style and Run your project to verify that everything was converted correctly.

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