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This Module contains the MathsEvaluate function that is used to evaluate maths expressions in the PropertyListBox. If you need to add more features in the MathsEvaluate feel free to do it.

If UseBBCode constant is True, then the Headers and Names will be parsed using BBCode.


      1. Version 1.4.1 - No released

Fix: PopupArrow missing the tip pixel in newer versions of RealStudio

      1. Version 1.4.0 - Released December 27, 2011

New Properties : -ColorGutter for coloring the gutter (left part of the listbox) with the Headerbackground color

-CustomGridLinesVertical -CustomGridLinesHorizontal -CustomGridLinesColor Custom Grid Lines in order to change the color of the grid lines. Only ThinSolid style is supported for the moment

      1. Version 1.3 - Released December 27, 2011

Fix: UnsupportedFormatException in RealStudio 2011r3 and 2011r4

      1. Version 1.2.1

Fix: OutOfBoundsException in PropertyListbox.CellValue

      1. Version 1.2 - Released

-New property for Lines: Comment

    Store any information you want in the Comment

-New Line type: TypePicture

    Selects a FolderItem and opens it as a picture.

-New Event: CellColorClick

    Fires when the select color button in TypeColor cells is clicked. Return True if you handle the color selection (by displaying your own colorwheel for example)

      1. Version 1.1 - Released February 03, 2009

-New property for Editable lines: Numeric As Boolean and ColorNegative As Boolean

    If Numeric is True, when the Editable cell looses the focus, the Value is evaluated as a maths function
    If ColorNegative is True and the value is smaller than 0, the text will be red

-New property for all lines (including Header): Caption As String

    Enables to have a global name for a line and a different caption than the name. This is very useful for multi-language apps
    When loading an XML definition, if the caption isn't defined, the name value is copied in the caption value.

-New button for TypeColor cells -List can now be hierarchical -New Event: CellClick

    Fires when a cell is clicked before doing anything else (editing cell, pressing button, opening window, ...)

-New property for FolderItem lines: Folder As Boolean

    If Folder is true, then the cell will fire SelectFolder instead of GetOpenFolderItem

-New Function in PropertyListLine: ParentName() As String

    Returns the Name of the Line's Parent if it has a Parent (Header)

Fix: -Cellvalue now returns a color if the cell of TypeColor (It used to return the string value of the color) -LimitText in RB 2009r5 doesn't bring up an error anymore -FolderItem type opens the Dialog window in the current FolderItem path -Autocomplete window now displays on the correct screen if using multiple screens.

      1. Version 1.0 - First Public Release

      1. Note:

If you get an Unhandled exception or no data when loading an XML definition, add this line of code: Return Array("")

In the Event LoadingValueList