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Class used to contain each row of the PropertyListBox. This enables hiding rows, and providing alot more options for each row.

AutoComplete FontFromCell Required
ButtonID Format SpecialList
Caption hasButton Transparent
ColorNegativeNum HelpTag Type
Comment isHeader Value
Condensed LimitText ValueList
defaultvalue Mask Visible
dynamicList Name
expanded Numeric
Folder Parent




The following class constants can be used to specify the values of the CellType and ColumnType properties.

Class Constant Description
Default constants from the ListBox control:
TypeDefault Default, the same as the column type.
TypeNormal Normal, read only.
TypeCheckBox A check box is added to the cell.
TypeEditable The cell is inline editable.
TypeMultiline The cell is inline editable and can have several lines.
TypeList When clicking the cell, a PopupMenu appears with the list of values the cell can take.
TypeEditableList The cell is inline editable and a PopupMenu can appear like TypeList.
TypeColor The cell contains a color. Either Type the color (RGB format) or click the button to show the SelectColor dialog.
TypeFolderItem When clicking the cell, the GetOpenFolderItem or SelectFolder dialog is displayed.
TypeRadioButton A check box is added to the cell. Only one TypeRadioButton line for each header can be checked at a time.
TypeRating A five-star rating cell.
TypePicture Selects a FolderItem and opens it as a picture.
TypeNumericUpDown Displays a Numeric Value with up/down arrows.

More line types can be added on demand.

See Also

PropertyListBox, PropertyListLine, PropertyListStyle classes. PropertyListModule module.