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This Custom Control based on a Canvas acts like REALBasic's toolbars.
5 layouts are integrated (Big Icons, Small Icons, with labels or not...).

Buttons can have a ContextualMenu and a HelpTag.
Text Separators can be displayed between buttons.


Bold enableScroll SelectedColor
Border ForceVertical SelectedColor2
Button InitialValue TextFont
ButtonType Italic TextSize
DisplayType minHeight Underline
DrawFrame minWidth
enableCustomize redrawTime
enableDrag RightClickMenu

Append Insert
Count Push
CountVisible Redisplay
CreateButton Remove
CreateTextSeparator Remove

Class Constants


The following class constants can be used to specify the value of DisplayType property.

Class Constant Description
TypeBigIcons Big Icons with no caption (32x32)
TypeBigIconsLabel Big Icons with caption (default)
TypeMediumIcons Medium Icons with no caption (24x24)
TypeMediumIconsLabel Medium Icons with caption
TypeLabelsOnly Only the caption is displayed
TypeSmallIcons Small Icons with no caption (16x16)
TypeSmallIconsLabel Small Icons with caption


Version 1.6.0

Released February 9th, 2015

  • New:
    • RightClickMenu to have direct access to the Right click menu when user right-clicks the TBCanvas
    • Redisplay function to completely refresh the internal buffers
    • All Strings displayed in Right-click menu and TBWindow are now string constants for Localization
    • SelectColor2 to define a gradient background for Toggle buttons.
  • Fix:
    • Fixed a crash when closing the containing Window
    • The Toolbar is now correctly refreshed when adding/inserting/deleting a Toolbar button.

Call the Redisplay function if you edit a Button directly.

Version 1.5

Released December 25th, 2013

  • New:
    • The CustomToolbar is now Retina Ready
    • Better Graphics on Mac OS X.
    • Border Property.
  • Deprecated:
    • DrawFrame (use Border instead).

Version 1.4.1

  • Fix:

Version 1.4

Released March 19th, 2012

  • New:
    • Display types: TypeMediumIcon, TypeMediumIconLabel
      When medium icon is selected, it expects to have a 24x24 picture in the Button.Icon property. (Customer request)

Version 1.2

Released December 15th, 2009

  • New:
    • Method: GetButton(theName As String)
      Lets you get a handle to a button by using its name.
    • Method: Redraw() is now a public method. It used to be Protected.
    • Button "Name" property is now ReadOnly
    • Property: ForceVertical As Boolean
  • Fix:
    • Fixed and tested on REALBasic 2008r1 up to 2009r5

Version 1.1

Released 08 November 2009

  • New:
    • New constructor for Toolbar button
    • For button with menus, if the menuitem has a tag, then the tag is passed in the menu event. If not, the caption is passed.
  • Fix:
    • Fixed MenuItem display when a button is hidden because of the width of the toolbar

Version 1.0

Released 01 May 2009

External link

Download page: http://www.jeremieleroy.com/products.php#Toolbar

See Also

TBButton class; TBLanguage Module.