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Displays a Calendar in several formats (Year, Month, Week, Day, ...) that presents CalendarEvents.
This custom control based on a Canvas is similar to iCal on Mac OS and Google Calendar.

CalendarEventFilter NewEvent
ConstructContextualMenu Open
DateSelected ShowHelptag
DoubleClick ViewChange

AdaptWeeksPerMonth FirstDate ScrollPosition
Animate FirstDayOfWeek SelEnd
Border ForceAM_PM SelStart
ColorWeekend Freeze Style
CreateWithDrag HelpTagFormat TextFont
DayEndHour HiDPI TransparentBackground   NEW 1.4.1
DayEventsHeight LastDate ViewDays
DayNames LockDayEventsHeight ViewType
DayStartHour minHGap WeekHeaderTextFormat
DisableScroll minHourHeight YearHeatMap
DisplayDate minVGap YearMultipleEvents
DisplayWeeknumber MonthNames
DragEvents MyColors
FilterEvents MyStyle

AddEvent ImportFromDB Scroll
DateForXY ImportICS Search
DeleteAllEvents ImportICS SetStyle
ExportICS PrintAdvanced
ExportToDB PrintSimple
FocusOn Redisplay
GetEvents RemoveEvent

Shared Methods

Class Constants


The following class constants are to be used to specify the Style to use with SetStyle function.

Class Constant Description
StyleDefault The default style.
StyleICal Macintosh iCal style.
StyleGoogle Google Calendar style.
StyleDark A dark style (black, grey and green).
StyleOutlook2010 Office Outlook 2010 style.
StyleOutlook2013 Office Outlook 2013 (beta) style.


The following class constants are to be used with the ViewType property.

Class Constant Description
TypePicker Displays a DatePicker.
TypeYear Displays a whole year.
TypeMonth Displays a Month calendar.
TypeWeek Displays a full week.
TypeDay Displays one day.
TypeOther Use the ViewDays property to set the amount of days to display. If ViewDays=5 days from Monday to Friday are displayed.


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