CalendarView version 1.4

Xojoon June 11th, 2013No Comments

Version 1.4 of the CalendarView is now available.

  • New:
    • Search function
    • FocusOn function to go to the date of the passed Event.
    • FilterEvents property. If True, the CalendarEventFilter is fired for each event before displaying it.
    • CalendarEventFilter event. Return True if the event should be displayed.
    • DayGradient property
    • When creating a new CalendarEvent, a "Cancel" button appears to cancel the creation of the CalendarEvent.
  • Fix:
    • Events not displaying in Week view.
    • Events appearing twice in Week view.
    • Improved drawing performance.
    • Pressing a key used to scroll down. Now only the down arrow scrolls down.

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Release of XOJO 2013r1

Xojoon June 4th, 2013No Comments

XOJO has been released today, June 4th, 2013.

XOJO is the new name of RealStudio and is now free for development and learning.
We wish all the best for this new release.

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Thumbnail Viewer - Coming soon

Xojoon May 16th, 2013No Comments

We will soon be releasing a new Product: Thumbnail Viewer.

This control displays selectable Thumbnails.
Drag & drop is enabled to re-order the Thumbnails as well as sorting.

This new control will be included in the Bundle. All Bundle customers will get this control for free.

Chart View Documentation

on May 12th, 2013No Comments

A first version of the ChartView documentation is now available.

This documentation will be updated very shortly.

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