Version 1.7.1

The Toolbar displays an arranged list of buttons. This Toolbar offers several button sizes and re-arranging the buttons by drag-n-drop.
The Toolbar can also be displayed vertically.



1The Toolbar offers several displays styles such as Big Icons with labels downto Small Icons with no label.

As an option, the user can re-arrange the button's order and select which display style suits him best.

If the available space isn't enough to display all buttons, an "overflow" button appears to display all remaining buttons as a Menu.

Ease of use

2Adding the Toolbar to your RealStudio project is very easy. Simply Drag and drop a TBCanvas control to your project and edit the Open event to add some buttons. The toolbar integrates very well in all applications.

Each button has its own Name, Caption, Icon and HelpTag. The buttons can individually aligned to the left, center or right.

Button Types

3 The Toolbar can display several types of buttons:

  • Regular Button
  • Separator
  • Menu Button
  • Sticky Button
  • Overflow Button
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