TreeView & Web TreeView

Version 1.6.0

Tree View presents a hierarchical view of information. Each item can have an infinite number of subitems.
This control is compatible with Desktop and Web Applications.



1Tree View offers several default styles such as MacOS, Windows and Windows Classic. Creating a custom style and using custom icons is fairly easy.

Each TreeViewItem can have a different Icon, be a Checkbox or a Separator.

If the available space isn't enough to display all Tree View Items, an internal scrollbar appears if you didn't specify an external one.

Ease of use

2Loading the Tree View can be done by code as shown in the demo project, using a folder structure or any structure you define.

It is also possible to load the Tree View from a database, all similar items are then grouped together.

Each TreeViewItem has its own Caption, Icon, Heltag, Tag and ID.

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