Custom UI & Web Custom UI

Version 1.7.4

Custom UI is a complete set of Custom Controls bringing customization to the highest possible level. This set of controls will give your applications a unique and professional display in your Desktop and Web Applications.

Nine default styles are included, easily create or edit new styles using the CustomUI Style Builder.



1Custom UI was built with a heavy focus on the customization right from the beginning. Each control offers a set of editable style properties to customize the look & style of your application.

Each style included in Custom UI was designed by skilled and professional UI designers.

If you outsourced the design of your application, we can code the design for you using the Custom UI for a small fee. Feel free to Contact us for more information.


2Each control included in the Custom UI was heavily tested to bring you the best possible performance on all Operating Systems.

Some controls such as the ProgressBar, ON/OFF and Switch display a smooth animation. Your apps will look more alive with the Custom UI.

Retina Ready

Custom UI has been developed with the objective that it should look perfect on all platforms and devices.
All items that display pieces of Text have been optimized for MacOS Retina devices. Text elements look sharp and as good as in any other Application.

UI Listbox

UI_Listbox Version 1.2 of the Custom UI brings a new control: UI_Listbox.
UI_Listbox class will replace the standard Listbox in all your projects.
You are not bound to the OS default Header and Scrollbars anymore and can customize all styles and colors.

This Class can be subclassed like any other Listbox to add advanced features.

Web Applications

UI_Listbox Custom UI is now compatible with Xojo Web Applications.
Use the included Web CustomUI Converter project to easily prepare your WebApps to use CustomUI.
Start to use CustomUI in your WebApps with less than 10 minutes of preparation and coding.

Key Features

Extremely Fast

1Web CustomUI uses a subclass of the native Xojo controls.
As soon as WebCustom UI is loaded in the WebPage, it doesn't need any further calls to the server..

Easy to use

2Design your Web Applications the same way you have always done it. The UI Style is only loaded when running the application.

Web Browsers

3Web CustomUI was tested with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
It is also completely compatible with Mobile Browsers such as Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android.

Javascript & CSS

4CustomUI doesn't use any additional Javascript library.
All CSS work is done in the background to prevent the hassle of learning a new language.

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