ChartView is now compatible with
Xojo Web and Desktop Apps.

Chart View & Web Chart View

Version 1.5.3

Chart View is a modern charting solution for all your Xojo Web and Desktop projects. It includes more than 15 different view types.

Design goals

View Types

1The Chart View is designed to match all your needs of displaying charts in a Xojo / RealStudio project. It has 6 built-in view types with a total of 16 different views:

  • Column, Column Stacked, Column Stacked 100%
  • Line, Line Stacked, Line Smooth
  • Area, Area Stacked, Area Stepped
  • Bar, Bar Stacked, Bar Stacked 100%
  • Pie, Doughnut and Radar
  • Combo charts
  • Coming soon: Timeline


2The Chart View offers a very high level of customization. By downloading the demo, you will see that Column charts can be filled with flags, Line charts can be filled with gradients, the Line markers can take pictures.

The Chart View uses advanced drawing techniques to anti-alias all drawing on Windows and Mac OS when it is possible.


3Every function called to draw an element on the Chart View has been highly optimized for performance. This optimization enables the Chart View to be display smooth animations when loading Data.

In order to improve your coding time, the Chart View loads Data from various sources such as Listbox, CSV files and even Database Recordsets.

Update version 1.2

Among several bug fixes and better performance, ChartView version 1.2 includes several new features.

Combo, Pie, Doughnut and Radar charts are now available.
Logarithmic scale has been introduced on the Vertical Axis.
Charts can be exported to a picture and Animation now includes more than 20 profiles.

Retina and Animation support

ComboChartChartView is now Retina ready for compatible MacOS devices. Display pixel perfect charts in all your Xojo desktop applications.

Scatter charts are now available. A demo is included in the ChartView Xojo project.
Animated Charts are now available on MacOS, choose one of the 30 integrated profiles.
Animations for all desktop targets have been optimized.

Xojo Web Applications

ComboChartSince version 1.4, ChartView is compatible with Web Applications.
It is now easy to share code between your Xojo Desktop and Web applications.
All Chart types from Desktop edition are available for the Web.

The Web Edition of Chartview has only one limitation, Animated Charts can not be achieved, Charts will only display static pictures.

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