Property Listbox

Version 1.8.2

Property Listbox is a dynamic and highly customizable Listbox that displays a list of properties with their respective values.



1The Property Listbox is very similar to the RealStudio properties editor displayed in the Project and Window editor. The theme can be customized and adapted to your App's look and feel.Over 14 different cell types are available, one for each of your needs.


2Loading the contents of the Property Listbox can be done using an XML file or directly from a Database Recordset. Performance is very important for us, refreshing the display using an XML file is performed in less than 50ms.

Cell Types

3 The Property Listbox includes several cell types:

  • Editable
  • Multiline text
  • Lists: Normal, Editable-list, Autocomplete
  • Color Picker
  • FolerItem: File, Folder
  • Checkbox, Radiobutton
  • Rating
  • Picture
  • Numeric up-down

Quick Guide

The Property Listbox is used by several IDE's including Real Studio. It enables fast and easy access to set of properties.

This Listbox provides many more features than the Property Listbox used in Real Studio. This is the first RealBasic written listbox to include Auto-complete when typing in a cell.

The list of properties can be hierarchical which enables grouping and hiding a set of rows.

When a mathematical formula is typed, it is correctly parsed and calculated.

Custom buttons can be added to the Header rows in order to extend the functionality of the Property Listbox.

As this Listbox is XML or Database driven, a complete builder program is included. This program will help setting up your own Property Listbox and create the necessary XML code.

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