BBCode Label & Web BBCode Label

Version 1.5.3

BBCode Label offers advanced styling capabilites as a replacement for the Label in all your Xojo projects.



1The BBCode scripting language is used on most forums over the Internet.

It is very easy to use with explicit tags that modify the style of each part of your text.

More than just a Label with BBCode, this control includes different text alignment features: Left, Center, Right and Justified
It also includes a background property to set the Background color. When several colors are set in the Background property a gradient is displayed.

When URLs are dispayed they are clickable and the mouse pointer become a Finger-pointer when hovering over the link. This features makes the BBCode Label a great control for your About Window.

Available tags

2The BBCode Label can use the following tags:

  • [b] for bold text.
  • [i] for italic text
  • [u] for underline text
  • [s] for striked text
  • [color=#FF0088] for colored text
  • [url=http://...] for a clickable URL
  • [url]http://...[/url] for the complete URL
  •   [align=center] to change text alignment
  •       [align=right] to change the alignment again
  • [font=Times] to use special fonts
  • [hcolor] for highlighted text
  • [size=24] to display Huge text
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