The easiest and fastest way to create skins for VirtualDJ!

VirtualDJ Skin Creator Tool

Version 2.6.4

Skin Creator Tool is an intuitive and advanced XML editor and picture viewer. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced skin designers.

Picture View

1Display the Skin Picture, zoom in/out to make precise selections on elements

Element Editor

2After making a selection in the picture, choose which Skin Element should be placed there and edit its properties using intuitive options boxes.

XML View

3For advanced users and easy tweaking of skin elements, the XML is displayed next to the picture. By selecting an XML text block the associated position is automatically selected in the picture.

The Skin Creator Tool will let you start creating or editing skins within minutes after download. Most of the VirtualDJ Skin engine is available enabling even beginners to take full advantage of all skin features.

I have saved several hours using this tool and will never go back to a simple text and picture editor again.

This tool offers several advanced features such as XML error check to automatically check for errors before loading the Skin in VirtualDJ. Clone elements to automatically create XML code for deck 2, 3, ... using deck 1 code. Picture highlighter that analyses all XML code and highlights every position in the picture that has been coded. You will never miss a button again.

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