Resize and adapt VirtualDJ skins to any screen size!

VirtualDJ Skin Resizer Tool

Version 3.0

Skin Resizer Tool will resize and adapt any VirtualDJ Skin to your screen in only 3 steps. Your favorite Skin will fully adapt to your screen.

Skin selection

1Unzip and select the Skin you need to resize. The Skin Resizer automatically detects your screen size. If required, the ouptut size can be modified. Then select a filename for the resized Skin.

Resizing option

2The Skin Resizer includes four resizing options. The Smart resize option automatically adapts the height of the Browser to keep all other elements at the best and correct size.


3For advanced users, the Skin Resizer can change the Browser display, the size of all text elements and even make a Day Skin.

The Day Skin option saved my day when mixing at an outdoor event. My screen was almost useless with a dark Skin.

With more than 30.000 downloads since it's first release in 2008, the Skin Resizer is one of the most downloaded tool for VirtualDJ.

Three simple steps will allow you to take the full power of VirtualDJ on your entire screen.

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